Early Access

The official release of After the Deadline for Firefox is hosted on addons.mozilla.org. However, there is an editorial process that each release must go through before an update is made live. This process assures that the available add-ons are safe and meet a quality standard.

We support this process but it delays our ability to get fixes and new features to you. Enter early access. Here you can download the latest After the Deadline for Firefox release directly from us.

Latest Version: 1.4

The latest release is After the Deadline for Firefox 1.4. This release fixes several bugs, adds a configuration key to set the AtD server, and updates the translations. Read the full change log to learn more.

Installation Instructions

If you see Firefox prevented this site from Asking you to install software on your computer.

  1. Click Allow
  2. Click Install Now

If you see a download dialog

  1. Save the file
  2. Find it in your download folder
  3. Drag the atd-firefox-XXX.xpi file on to your Firefox window
  4. Click Install Now
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